Apple Reveals Data Plan, Calling Plan, More Details for Verizon iPhone

As we get closer to the release of the Verizon iPhone 4, details of the voice and data plans available for it are starting to emerge. Yesterday, we told you about Verizon’s intention to offer an unlimited data plan with the iPhone. Now, other details have been revealed at Apple’s website which pretty much complete the picture.

On Wednesday, the company posted details on its website showing voice, data and messaging plans that will be offered with the upcoming device. The company also posted a utility to check subscriber eligibility for the discounted prices. If you’re eligible for upgrade pricing you will get to pay $199 for 16 GB and $299 for 32 GB. If not, plan on spending $599 for 16 GB and $699 for 32 GB.

Also, as we thought, the Verizon iPhone will have two data plans at launch: unlimited data for $29.99 per month and unlimited data with 2GB of Personal Hotspot and tethering services for $49.99 per month.

Here are the full details:


• 450 minutes/month: $39.99
• 900 minutes/month: $59.99
• Unlimited minutes/month: $69.99


• Pay per use: $0.20 per SMS, $0.25 per MMS
• 250 messages/month: $5
• 500 messages/month: $10
• Unlimited messaging: $20


• Unlimited data: $29.99
• Unlimited data with 2GB for Personal Hotspot and tethering: $49.99 ($20 per GB for overages)

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