Check Out a Bunch of New Promos for 'Chuck', 'The Event', 'The Cape' and More

Check Out a Bunch of New Promos for ‘Chuck’, ‘The Event’, ‘The Cape’ and More

Unlike that other network that changes the schedule for its shows at the last minute (Yes, CW, we’re talking to you) NBC seems pretty consistent when it comes to airing its own programming. So this week expect all-new episodes of Chuck, The Event, The Cape and more to air when they are scheduled to.

To get you ready for all these new shows we’ve got some promos and whatnot for them to share with you today. First up is Chuck, which has a brand new episode tonight wherein the final head-to-head clash between our hero Chuck and the evil Alexei Volkoff takes place. Who will win and what will be the fate of Chuck’s mom and his love Sarah? Find out tonight.

We’ve also got the goods on The Cape as Mena Suvari’s Dice takes center stage and tries her best to separate The Cape from his, um, cape  . . . and also his head. On Harry’s Law Harry tries to exonerate an imprisoned man on tonight’s episode. She probably has a gun too and intimidates people with her folksy charm.

Finally we’ve got The Event and Ian Anthony Dale who introduces some deleted scenes from the show, featuring his character Simon Lee. These two scenes from Episode 7 are web exclusive extras that we didn’t see on air. Plus, Jason Ritter is back for another “Day in The Life” profile. In part 2, Jason shows off his knack for hair and makeup styling.

Check out all the promos after the break. Things kick off tonight at 8/7C with Chuck on NBC.


Preview: “Chuck vs. the Push Mix”
The mission to take down Volkoff reaches a dangerous new level, while Ellie and Awesome welcome a bundle of joy.

The Cape

Dice, part 1
Max hears Vince’s plot to pin down Fleming.

Dice, part 2
Dice casts her spell on none other than Peter Fleming.

Dice, part 3
Orwell and Vince are up against a double threat: Fleming and Dice.

Dice, part 4
Fleming seems to have finally met his match: Dice.

Max’s Treasure Trove
Inside the mysterious world of Max Malini with production designer Cece Destefano.

Harry’s Law

Innocent Man
What kind of law allows an innocent man to remain in prison for 25 years? One thing’s for sure, it’s not Harry’s law…

The Event

Deleted Scene: Ep 107 Part 1
Ian Anthony Dale introduces a scene when Simon is transported to the hospital.

Deleted Scene: Ep 107 Part 2
Ian Anthony Dale introduces a scene that didn’t make it into the final cut.

A Day in the Life with Jason Ritter Pt. 2
From the hair and makeup trailer to props and sound effects, Jason’s got you covered.