New ‘Thor’ Trailer Arrives, Gives Us a Better Look at the Bad Guys

Okay, this is starting to look really good. I’m talking about, of course, Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming big screen adaptation of the Marvel comic Thor.

The studio has released a new trailer for the film and posted it over at Yahoo Movies. But because we like you and want to make it easier for you to find as much of the cool stuff as possible, we’ve gone ahead and put it up right here for you.

In this new trailer we get a much better look at the bad guys of the film, including Thor’s brother Loki and the giant mechanical being “The Destroyer”,  as well as a big helping of the humor we can expect. Fortunately, the film looks pretty funny. . . in addition to its awesome visuals of epic battle scenes, explosions and the like.

Check out the full trailer after the jump. Thor hits theaters on May 6th. I’ll be there on day one, how about you?

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