Apple’s iPad 2 To Be Announced Tomorrow, Here’s What to Expect (Probably)

Apple’s iPad 2 To Be Announced Tomorrow, Here’s What to Expect (Probably)

Tech journalists, pundits and bloggers everywhere never get tired of the Apple speculation game. And we here at The Flickcast are, sadly, no exception. It’s just so much fun.

When you deal with a company like Apple that prides itself on its level of secrecy, most of the time informed speculation and outright wild guessing are all you have until something officially comes down from the Apple mountain. With that in mind we have to turn our attention to the next generation iPad (AKA iPad 2) which is expected to be announced tomorrow during an Apple event at 10AM Pacific.

Normally, I would go to the trouble to do the research and gather the data to make an informed guess as to what we will see from this latest Apple product. Fortunately, this time around at least, I don’t have to because the fine folks at BGR have already done the leg work for me (and you).

So, what can we expect from tomorrow’s announcement? Check out the list:

• Much thinner and lighter.
• Slightly thinner bezel around the iPad’s display.
• Dual-core Apple processor.
• 512MB of RAM
• Front-facing 1.3-megapixel camera for FaceTime HD
• Rear-facing 2-megapixel camera (at minimum)
• Support for both AT&T and Verizon Wireless
• Photo Booth for iPad
• Availability within 1-2 weeks, new price points starting at $399 for the entry-level Wi-Fi model

And, as an added bonus:

• Announcement and preview of iOS 5 to be released in the summer

Whatever the accuracy of these predictions, we’ll know soon enough. In the meantime, these specs, if true, will make the new iPad a pretty great piece of tech and one that many people will surely purchase. For those of us with first generation iPad, I guess it’s time to hit eBay.

So, what do we think of these predictions? Will you be getting a new iPad? Sound off in the comments.