The Original RoboCop, Peter Weller, Sends a Message of Hope To Detroit

For those who may not be in the know, the great city of Detroit is currently lobbying to have a statue of one of their greatest film heroes erected in the middle of town as a symbol to rebuild the once great city. So who better to stand behind their plan than the man who played the half-cop, half-machine himself, Peter Weller.

Thanks to Funny or Die, Weller has sent out a message to those who are fighting for this statue to become a real thing, and had some words of wisdom on exactly what how he feels about being immortalized as a statue.

A bit disheartening to see Weller return to his Alex Murphy role after he’s made a name for himself as a great TV baddie in such films like 24, Dexter, and Psych, but he’s back, and he’s wearing a cardboard box on his head.

For those who want to help out the cause, be sure to like the official Facebook page at the Detroit Deserves RoboCop fan page. Check out Weller’s message after the jump.

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