Take On Brother Eye In ‘Batcave Inner Sanctum’, The Neweset Raid for ‘DC Universe Online’

The main benefit to Sony’s DC Universe Online being a mass-multiplayer online role playing game is that they are constantly updating the software with new and exciting add-ons and challenges. During the month of February, they added the Valentine’s arena in which players fought as cherubic angels against one another.

This month, the digital universe is going back to it’s comic book roots with a story plucked straight from the panels in which Batman’s worldwide security system, Brother Eye, goes haywire and needs to get taken down. Here’s the official description from SOE.

The Batcave Inner Sanctum, the latest group combat raid from DC Universe Online, reveals the fight inside the Batcave to prevent Brother Eye from accessing the cave’s main computer in hopes of using it as a nexus point for sending signals around the world. Will Brother Eye succeed, or are the heroes inside the DC Universe up to the challenge?

The raid is currently available, and we’ve got a sneak peek for you to check out exactly what you’re in for, just after the jump.

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