Mastodon Cooper and De Niro Face Off in a New ‘Limitless’ Clip

Cooper and De Niro Face Off in a New ‘Limitless’ Clip

For a good amount of time, there was some worry that Robert De Niro was going the way of Dustin Hoffman where he stopped going after meaty or serious roles, only to focus on easy paychecks and “fun” projects.

With his recent return to the Fockers franchise, and his laughably bad performance in Machete, we were starting to worry if the once-amazing actor was lost forever. Now we see he may be coming towards the light once again, as he’s got second billing in Relativity Media’s upcoming sci-fi thriller Limitless.

In it, De Niro plays Carl Van Loon, a mysterious businessman who knows more than Bradley Cooper’s Eddie Morra about his own new abilities, all thanks to a pill that grants him limitless power.

In the clip we have for you, De Niro and Cooper face off in an intense battle of wits, and give each other their own trademarked dramatic stare. Check it out after the jump, and catch Limitless in theaters on March 18th.

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