Get a Sneak Peek At This Week’s Season Finale of ‘Face Off’

Hard to believe it, but Syfy’s newest venture into reality TV, Face Off, is finally coming to an end. We’ve seen some drama, some annoying characters come and go, and some awesome makeup challenges, but this week it all comes down to one last competition, and one final winner.

In this last competition, the final three contestants are taking it back to fairy tales as they reimagine some classic stories. From Syfy:

In this second sneak peek clip of the Season Finale of Face Off, the final four contestants recreate their favorite fairy tales in their last attempt to prove their talent.  A werewolf, witch, and other creatures are being finalized.  There seems to be a positive overall tone among the contestants as they head down the final stretch, but it wouldn’t be the finals without something going awry.  Conor’s final creation appears to have a malfunction and his opportunity at being crowned the winner of Face Off may be over.

Check out the clip after the jump, and enjoy the Face Off season finale on Wednesday at 10pm, 9pm Central.

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