PAX East 2011: Boston Indie Showcase- Blinding Science

PAX East 2011: Boston Indie Showcase- Blinding Science

I returned to the show floor bright and early today to check out the second of three independent games featured at this year’s PAX East. Each of these three are puzzle games with clever mechanics, but all stand out individually as awesome testaments to what independent gaming in the Boston area has to offer.

Blinding Science is a sound-based puzzle game, where you play as a blind man who can see through sound. Using a cane to hit objects in the level, players send sound waves out that allow them to observe the game level.

The objects also control workers in each level, who chop wood or smash stones, responding to the sounds you make as a player. The object of every level is to break a crystal guarded at the end, and players use the workers to open up barriers and reach the end goal.

While this game might sound simplistic, it’s very impressive. It’s also very easy to pick up and play, but it’s clear that later on this game is going to get very difficult, but still stay just as enjoyable. My short time playing this game was awesome, and I can’t wait to see what the developers, who are still in school here in the Boston area, come up with next.

Blinding Science is already out for PC at no cost, so you have absolutely no excuse not to play it and support independent gaming development.