Check Out Previews for Tonight’s All-New Episodes of ‘Chuck’ and ‘The Event’

Fortunately, even as some shows fail and disappear (The Cape, we’re looking at you), a few that appeal to the geeks among us still seem to hang on. Two such shows are Chuck and The Event and both have brand new episodes airing tonight.

So, to help make sure these shows continue on the air we’re glad to help spark viewer interest and bring you some previews and behind-the-scenes footage from them. First up we go to Chuck.

In this episode Chuck‘s search for new Intersects is interrupted when Castle goes offline and the Intersect candidates keep getting murdered. We hate it when that happens.

Then on The Event, Thomas’s mysterious message gets an answer while President Martinez goes after more than just Sophia. Plus, get a look at how TV shows are made with an interview with Randol Perelman-Taylor, the assistant director who works on the show.

It all begins tonight at 8/7C on NBC with Chuck. Come on geeks, let’s not let these two show go the way of others and never be seen again. Check out all the videos after the break.


The Event

Bend the Scenes

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