New Boingo Wi-Fi Finder App Makes Finding Wi-Fi Even Easier

New Boingo Wi-Fi Finder App Makes Finding Wi-Fi Even Easier

Since last week I’ve been testing out the new Wi-Fi Finder App from Boingo. It’s been particularly handy the last day or so when, due to severe storms in LA and the apparently highly vulnerable Timer Warner infrastructure, my Internet went out and I was forced to seek alternative methods to connect and get my work done.

So, an application that’s purpose is to find and connect you to more than 325,000 hotspots (or more) should come in pretty handy in this situation. Not surprisingly, it did. The app was able to find several open Wi-Fi networks clost to my home that, if I wanted to, I could have connected to and used. It was also able to connect me quickly to a hotspot at a local Starbucks so I could get back online. All by launching one app and letting it do its thing.

But connecting you to hotspots isn’t the only thing this app does. It also boast these features:

• Connects to more than 325,000 hotspots from more than 125 network operators in 105 countries (I know, we covered that already, but its really cool)
• Connects to any open, free network that you may encounter
• Can determine the best available open network if more than one are present
• Can be configured to auto-connect to free networks

• Can accept “Terms of Service” on your behalf and be configured to accept them on a recurring basis
• Over time, leverages crowd sourcing by reporting successful connects so good open networks can be identified and republished in the location database
• Includes Hotspot Search tool that returns results for both Boingo hotspots (red pin) and free hotspots (blue pin), including crowd sourced open networks that have been verified with successful connects

Like I said, pretty cool. I can see this new app being even more useful in the future as my work and fun take me to more and more cities and away from my home network.

The app works on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS X and is available now at the Boingo website, in iTunes and at the Android Market. Be sure to check it out.