Showtime to Pull Current Shows From Netflix

Showtime to Pull Current Shows From Netflix

Well, I guess it was too good to last, right? If you’re a fan of Showtime original series like Dexter and Californication but like to watch them via Netflix’s Instant service, you better watch and enjoy them now because they won’t be there for long.

Showtime’s current deal with video streaming company Netflix is over in the summer and as part of its renegotiation, the pay cable network has informed Netflix that it will no longer make its current original series available for streaming. Right now, all Showtime series are accessible for Netflix subscribers.

However, Showtime CEO Matt Blank doesn’t want that to be the case any longer.“With all the options out there, we want to be sure people know they have to subscribe to see Dexter or The Borgias,” Blank said.

The network clarified that under the proposed new Netflix deal, series such The Tudors and Sleeper Cell, which no longer air original episodes on the premium cable newtork, will continue to be available to Netflix subscribers. As for current and past seasons of Showtime’s current original series, they “will be available to our authenticated subscribers via our TV Everywhere service Showtime Anytime.”

Well, I guess Showtime doesn’t like that Netflix is going to start developing and producing original programming for itself, including a new series featuring Kevin Spacey. Let’s hope this doesn’t start a trend with other cable networks and more deciding they don’t want their programming on Netflix. That would be a shame.