Michael Clarke Duncan To Voice Kilowog in ‘Green Lantern’

Just as news for the upcoming Avengers tie-ins is coming in today, Warner Bros. is making sure that they aren’t left in the wind. Rumors are now coming in from Latino Review that famously scary Daredevil star Michael Clarke Duncan will be lending his voice as the grumpy Corps drill instructor Kilowog in this year’s Green Lantern film.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to most fans of the character, as Duncan seems to be a pretty spot-on choice. He’ll be joining the ranks of Michael Madsen and Henry Rollins, who have both lent  their voice for the character in the past.

What we know about the film’s plot is still pretty stagnant. We’ll get Hal Jordan’s origin story, we know that both Dr. Hammond and Parallax will be this film’s main villain, with seeds being sewn for Mark Strong’s Sinestro to be the villain later in the franchise.

The one peculiar part of this story is that the normally infallible IMDb has 24‘s former President Palmer Dennis Haysbert listed as voicing the character. We’re hoping to get down to the truth of this one, seeing as how we only have 2 months until the film’s June 17th release date.

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