Behold Three New Epic ‘Your Highness’ Clips

Behold Three New Epic ‘Your Highness’ Clips

Yesterday, we brought you the first full batch of clips from next weekend’s Your Highness, the stoner road comedy set in Medieval Times starring Danny McBride and James Franco. The clips were so good, we wanted to bring you more.

In this newest batch we have for you, you’ll get a little bit of Natalie Portman being bad ass, Justin Theroux being sinister, and Danny McBride trying to pull off a terrible British accent.

The film that first comes to mind when looking at clips and trailer for Your Highness is easily Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers. McBride and Franco have developed a modern-day Cheech & Chong personas, with very little changing other than the contemporary references.

Another great element in what we can see from these clips is that Portman is acting like she’s in a completely different film. This could either help or hurt her role. If the character never breaks from the stoic, hard-assed maiden to McBride and Franco’s cartoonish antics, it could most certainly help the film’s tone.

Check out the three new clips after the jump, and be sure to go see Your Highness in theaters on April 8th.