Geoffrey Rush To Voice Tomar-Re in 'Green Lantern'

Geoffrey Rush To Voice Tomar-Re in ‘Green Lantern’

Just yesterday, we brought you news that Michael Clarke Duncan has been recruited to voice the Green Lantern Corps drill instructor Kilowog, despite IMDb stating that the role has already been filled by 24 star Dennis Haysbert.

Now we’re getting word that yet another credit is wrong in the database, as Geoffrey Rush has been announced to voice Tomar-Re in the film and not the credited John Larroquette. Obviously, a few things don’t make sense here.

One: why would a site like IMDb, which is known for its infallible accreditation records, get both of these so very wrong. And two: why are we just getting word about castmembers being picked up for this film when it’s set to hit theaters in just over 2 months?

We’re hoping this was some kind of clerical error on the site, and not an actual re-casting in which we lost Larroquette and Haysbert for Rush and Clarke Duncan. Though, that wouldn’t be the worst trade in the world.

Already in the Green Lantern Corps (we hope for good) are Ryan Reynolds as the titular Lantern, Hal Jordan, Mark Strong as the purple-headed villain Sinestro, and Temuera “Boba Fett” Morrison as Abin Sur.

Green Lantern is set to hit theaters on June 17th.