Twitter Ditches Infamous QuickBar In Latest iOS App Update

Twitter Ditches Infamous QuickBar In Latest iOS App Update

Whatever your thought on the relative merits of Twitter and the power of the Internets, one thing is for certain, over at Twitter HQ, if the public says something sucks, they listen. At least in this case.

In case you haven’t been keeping up, here’s the background. A few weeks ago Twitter released an update to its popular App for iOS devices. Most of the time updates bring needed features and bug fixes and are met with a generally positive response from the users at large.

Not this time. Instead, the update featured one big new thing: QuickBar. According to Twitter, the QuickBar “was originally conceived to help users discover what’s happening in the broader world beyond people they already follow.”

It didn’t really do that. What it did do was ignite a storm of protest on Twitter and elsewhere decrying that the QuickBar, and its intrusive nature, had to go. Well folks, Twitter has listened and as of the latest update released late yesterday, the QuickBar is officially gone.

So, fire up iTunes or go to the App store on your iOS devices, get the latest update and be rid of the QuickBar forever — or at least until Twitter decides to put it back again.