Mastodon Group Video Chat Coming to iPhone Via Fring

Group Video Chat Coming to iPhone Via Fring

If you’re one of the people who love to video chat using your iPhone or Android device but often wish you could include a few more friends in the conversation, you’re in luck. Not because Apple is doing anything for you, at least not at the moment. No, it’s another company called fring to the rescue.

The company is working on a group video chat implementation for its iOS and Android apps. The update will eventually allow users to chat with up to four participants onscreen at once. For the moment this feature is in beta but the company’s developers are allowing users to sign up so they can test it out before it’s officially available in the App Store.

In a recent video, the company showcased its latest software running a group video chat session on iOS. Sadly, for whatever reason — beta software, poor wireless reception, slower iPhone 4 processor — the video is a tad choppy. Still, it’s nice to see a company taking something Apple started, building on it and trying to make it better.

Check out the video after the break.

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