‘Mad Men’ Coming to Netflix Streaming

‘Mad Men’ Coming to Netflix Streaming

Even as some networks are changing the way they provide programming to Netflix’s Instant Streaming service, the company is still managing to add programming as well. Case in point is the announcement late yesterday that Netflix is entering a new area of business. That business? Syndication.

This new endeavor will begin with an exclusive deal between Netflix and Lionsgate to stream up to seven season of the Emmy-winning AMC TV series Mad Men. Under the deal, the first four seasons of Mad Men will be available on Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” service beginning on July 27. Additional seasons will be added as they finish airing on AMC.

The announcement comes days after AMC announced it had made a deal to keep Mad Men on the air for three more years, bringing the total number of seasons to seven. So, expect to see a lot more Mad Men for years to come. Seeing as the new season of Mad Men won’t debut until 2012, the new Netflix deal gives viewers a chance to catch up with all the previous episodes.

See, who says you never get anything good on TV?

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