Apple Announces New ‘Final Cut Pro X’ Editing Software

Apple Announces New ‘Final Cut Pro X’ Editing Software

During the NAB show in Las Vegas yesterday Apple revealed the next generation of its Final Cut Pro editing software to the masses and while some may always fear change, in this case it looks like change is something to be embraced and celebrated.

According to Apple, the new FCP is “as revolutionary as the original Final Cut released back in ’99.” Sounds good, Take a look at some of the specs:

• Now 64-bit (about time)
• New UI
• Resolution independent playback system
• Handles up to 4K (good for you HD fans)
• Uses Grand Central Dispatch to utilize up to 8 cores (makes for fast workflow)
• Fully color-managed (ColorSync)
• Media ready for editing immediately (stabilization, audio and shutter correction, shot detection and preliminary color balancing automatically applied during ingest)
• Timecode-based keywording within clips
• iMovie-esque “smart collections” of clips, audio based on metadata, people in shot, etc.

Apple says Final Cut Pro X will be available in June for $299. That’s a really good price and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

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