Two New 'Doctor Who' Clips Give a Glimpse at the Upcoming Season

Two New ‘Doctor Who’ Clips Give a Glimpse at the Upcoming Season

Doctor Who is an institution, for nearly 50 years the Doctor and his Tardis have been entertaining kids and nerds alike. Thankfully I recently forced myself to give the Doctor a try and have since discovered the “New Who” era is some of the best television I have ever seen.

Two new clips have popped up online giving us an idea of what to expect in the season premiere. The first clip is a mod setter, showcasing the fact that for the first time ever Doctor Who shot principle photography in America.

In the second clip we get some serious meat to gnaw on. The tone is darker than we’ve seen recently, and we get to see the Doctor finally asking the questions we fans have been wondering for years. Who exactly is River Song?

Ever since Stephen Moffat and Matt Smith took over, as show runner and The Doctor respectively, the show has maintained an extremely high level of quality and so far their next season looks to continue that trend.

Interesting to note, this season of Doctor Who marks the first time ever the show is aired day and date in America, and for the first time in the “New Who” era we are heading into a season with the same Doctor and companion. Gather your fez and sonic screwdriver, the new season starts April 23rd on BBC America.

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