Trailer Tuesdays: You Gotta Pay the Troll Toll

Trailer Tuesdays: You Gotta Pay the Troll Toll

This has been a rather eclectic week in the world of theatrical trailers.  It seems that most of the big summer blockbusters have already been revealed, and now we’re getting a glimpse into the late summer indies that should save us from the mindless big-budget films of the next few months.

What do all these selected trailers have in common?  They all have surprisingly original concepts, which is getting rarer and rarer these days.

Another Earth

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This trailer alone is worth a few viewings.  One of the most exciting trailers to come out this year, it is refreshing to see something original finally being produced.  While the idea of a parallel or alternate world is nothing new, I have never seen it taken so literally.  Usually the other world is in an alternate universe, not on a physical planet visible in the sky that you can actually travel to.

Part science-fiction, part philosophical, and part indie-romance, it’s hard to say exactly what this film is going to be like expect that it is sure to be compelling and original.  Starring Brit Marling, who actually wrote the screenplay with the director Mike Cahill, and William Mapother, better known as Ethan from Lost, this film is full of talented people new to the feature film world.  This is Cahill’s first narrative feature, having directed only documentaries prior to this.  But if Blue Valentine is any indication of what a documentary director can bring into narrative storytelling, then this film is definitely not one to miss.

Personally, I am really excited to see what Ethan from Lost can do in a real role, as well as how the filmmakers execute this unbeatable concept.  If this film maintains the heart-wrentching vibe of the trailer while staying true to some real science-fiction, then this could be one of the most exciting films of the year.

30 Minutes or Less

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It is rare to see a comedy that is sure to not just be funny, but actually a good film, but judging by the talent lined up for this film, 30 Minutes or Less could prove to be just that.  The first thing that pops out is this film’s director, Ruben Fleischer of Zombieland fame.  All you have to do is look at that movie to see how he was able to take what could have easily been a cheesy zombie comedy and put some real credibility and production value into it, making it a surprisingly edgy film.

Fleischer is teaming up once again with Jessie Eisenberg, now an Academy Award nominated actor, who despite seemingly having a limited acting range, finds his own way to fit into each role perfectly.  I whole-heartidly trust that he will be comfortable in this Appatow-esq raunchy comedy and be genuinely funny.  Teaming up with him is Aziz Ansari, who never fails to steal the show and become the best part of any project he is in.  This is a truly unlikely comedy duo who should prove to be perfect together.

And of course you have R-rated comedy veterans Danny McBride and Nick Swardson to fill out the cast.  With this much talent, this film is sure to be one of those rare comedies that goes past just being funny, but actually being a well-executed film.


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Now here is a truly unique trailer which is sure to be a compelling, original film.  Overall, this trailer just has an interesting vibe with some of the strongest editing in recent history.

In today’s theaters, where indie romances are are almost becoming overdone and formulaic (see Zach Braff’s The High Cost of Living, a film that a couple years ago I would have been stoked on but now leaves me disappointed), it is apparent that Submarine is sure to have an excellent screenplay with strong directing and fresh performances.

In the end, this is a strong enough trailer that the film has to be good.  Let’s see what Ben Stiller the producer can do.

Ridiculously Awesome Trailer of the Week:

The Troll Hunter

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To be completely honest, I am a sucker for mockumentaries.  Give me a handheld camera and some testimonial interviews and I will be first in line for almost anything.  Given that, I actually had a hard time putting this as my “ridiculous” trailer this week since I genuinely am excited and know that this will be awesome.

Will some of the effects be cheesy compared to such Weta Digital films this summer as Rise of the Planet of the Apes?  Is this a completely ridiculous premise?  Probably.  But this Norwegian horror-thriller is sure to just be good, fun storytelling made to thoroughly entertain an audience.

Honorable mention:

Life in a Day

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I think this film speaks for itself, and already has good buzz coming from Sundance this year.  To me, all filmmakers are ever trying to do is capture a small slice of life, and this film is doing that on the biggest possible scale using the social networking technology and culture of today.

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