FoxConn Employees Arrested and Charged With Leaking Apple’s iPad 2 Secrets

Let this be a lesson to you out there if you’re working on any cool projects for notoriously secretive tech companies: Don’t steal or leak info. Why? Well for one it’s wrong. For another, it can get you arrested — in China.

Local authorities in China arrested three employees of Foxconn, the company Apple uses in China to manufacture a whole bunch of stuff including the iPad. They were officially charged in March with leaking the design of Apple’s iPad 2 to third-party accessory makers before the device was unveiled.

Cases that accurately depicted the external shape and design of the iPad 2 and accurately portrayed the redesigned exterior of the device, including its 33 percent thinner frame, rear-facing camera, and larger speaker grille that extends to the back of the device, surfaced soon afterward.

I hope the workers who leaked the designs got a lot of money for their trouble and were able to pass it along to their families. Now that they’ve been charged and will most-likely be found guilty, it’s unlikely they will be able to work anywhere else for a very long time, if ever.

Remember kids, stealing and leaking information is bad — especially if you steal from Apple.

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