Parker Posey Coming to ‘Parks and Recreation’ and We’ve Got Previews

Parker Posey Coming to ‘Parks and Recreation’ and We’ve Got Previews

I‘ll admit it. I was a bit slow on the uptake to start embracing Parks and Recreation. But now, after watching it for many weeks, I’m hooked on it and its quirky characters.

Now we can add one more quirky character to this show, at least as a guest star. That’s right, 90’s indie film mainstay (and recent Lex Luthor BFF) Parker Posey will be making an appearance this Thursday on the show.

She will be playing the role of Lindsay, Leslie’s former coworkers and current Eagleton rival. When the two faceoff about a fence, tempers run high. To get you started off and excited for Thursday’s show, we’ve got previewsd and some interviews with Posey as well.

Be sure to check them al out after the jump. Parks and Recreation airs on Thursdays at 9:30/8:30C on NBC.

Parker Talks About Parks

Hear Parker Posey’s take on guest starring on Parks and Recreation!

Amy Poehler Tells All!
Amy Poehler discusses her “garbage fight” with guest star Parker Posey!

Parker Posey Does Parks!
Leslie Knope takes on a bitchy, elitist rival played by Parker Posey!

A Fencing Duel
Leslie withstands yet another rude attack from Lindsay, the biggest snob in Eagleton.

Trashing Eagleton
Leslie’s plan to get back at Eagleton hits a detour when Lindsay arrives.