Amazon Cloud Player Now Works With iOS Devices

Amazon Cloud Player Now Works With iOS Devices

When cool new things come out like Amazon’s recent Cloud Player service you pretty much assume these things will work with your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device. They are, after all pretty darn popular with the kids who also happen to love music. Sadly, at least at launch, that wasn’t the case with Amazon’s new offerings.

That was then. Now, things are a bit different. Amazon has decide that IOS users have suffered enough and has flipped the switch that allows Cloud Player to work with Mobile Safari. You will still get the ominous “Your browser isn’t supported” warning, but once you get past that you can experience the service in all its glory, complete with background playback and control.

In case you’re not familiar with Amazon’s Cloud Player service, you get 5 GB of free storage once you sign up. Anything purchased from the Amazon MP3 store can be automatically added to your Cloud Drive without counting against your storage quota.

In addition, Amazon will give you an extra 15 GB of free storage when you purchase at least one MP3 album, bringing your storage limit up to 20 GB. You can also upload and stream any tracks you already have with it.

All in all, its a pretty cool service. Sure, it would be nice to have a native IOS app instead of having to use Safari, but one thing at a time. This is progress and you can probably expect a new IOS app soon enough.