The Idea of a Hawkman Movie Gets Mocked in a New Superhero Fan Film

While there have been tons over the past decade, this is certainly the biggest year for superhero films in theaters. Between X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern, Captain America and Thor, we’ve got more than enough magic, aliens, and science to keep putting butts in seats all year round.

While we’re finally getting films for The God of Thunder and the Green Lantern Corps, which is something nobody ever thought would happen, where does that leave the rest of the B-list characters in the Marvel and DC universe, such as Hawkman?

That’s where a brand new comedy short from Frog Island about how the rest of the superhero community feels about the winged hero wielding Nth metal to allow him to fly and fight intergalactic crime.

Some great moments and potshots and some less than popular comic film heroes, and we even get Yogi Bear star TJ Miller to star as our favorite emerald hero. Check out the short after the film and be sure to catch Hawkman in theaters probably never (or until Nolan decides to back the movie).

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