Ho! The Original 'Thundercats' Series Gets Re-Released on DVD This Summer

Ho! The Original ‘Thundercats’ Series Gets Re-Released on DVD This Summer

Hold on now, before you go into a fury about the original Thundercats series from 1985 being out on DVD for nearly 7 years, take these facts into account. Back in 2005, Warner Home Video released the original Thundercats series on DVD in several chunks containing over 30 episodes each, spread over six discs per release. Those releases have since been discontinued, have ranged anywhere from $65 to $100 in price each. A bit steep to relive some classic 80’s animated action.

That’s where Warner Home Video has decided to correct themselves. Starting on July 12th, they will be re-releasing the original series in much smaller packages, calling them “parts”, ie. the first release, ThunderCats: The Original Series Season 1 Part 1. Here’s the official press release from WB. You can also check out the full episode list for this release and the full sized box art after the jump.

This summer, the Code of Thundera will live on when Warner Home Video releases ThunderCats: The Original Series Season 1 Part 1 July 12, 2011 on DVD – just ahead of the all-new series premiere of ThunderCats on Cartoon Network. The 2-disc collection set, priced to own at $19.97, includes the first 12 action-packed episodes, as well as a special featurette entitled “Feel the Magic, Hear the Roar,” where fans speak out about their incredible passion for the classic animated series.


Disc 1
1. Exodus
2. The Unholy Alliance
3. Berbils
4. The Slaves of Castle Plun-darr
5. Pumma-Ra
6. The Terror of Hammerhand

Disc 2
7. Trouble with Time
8. The Tower of Traps
9. The Garden of Delights
10. Mandora the Evil Chaser
11. The Ghost Warrior
12. The Doomgaze