Trailer Tuesdays: The Bye Week

Trailer Tuesdays: The Bye Week

If there was one week for forget to check Apple Trailers  it was definitely this past week.  Usually there is at least one interesting trailer coming out everyday, but for some reason this weekend only had new cuts for films we already had seen trailers for, and has hardly anything new premiering in theaters or online.  Is this a preview of what we can expect in the fall?  At this rate, at the end of the summer we will have quite a boring couple months until Oscar season.

This week we have a franchise spin-off, a quirky indie comedy, and one documentary to throw in the mix.


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Yes, this is a spin off of the popular Pixar movie Cars, who’s sequel is set to come out this month.  No, this one is not being make by the talented team at Pixar, and is instead being brought to us by Disney alone.

In all honesty, the mere fact that this is only a Disney film really scares me as to the quality of this film.  I would have normally thought that this is a terrible spin-off idea for this franchise, but if I hear that Pixar was still doing it, I would hold onto my hope just because of their impeccable track record with animation.  Disney, on the other hand, while I admire their effort in acquiring Pixar to stay on top of the animation industry, has had a long string of bombs in the past few years when it comes to producing feature animations by themselves.

The trailer itself lacked substance, and utilized some of the worst trailer copy in recent memory.  None of the characters grabbed me, none of the visuals amazed me, and there was almost no actual plot to get me excited for this film.  They are aiming for a Spring 2012 release, so obviously there is still a lot of work to be done on this film, but I am not holding my breath.


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This is definitely the most interesting trailer to come out this week, and ever since becoming a Dexter fan, I do have a soft spot for interesting serial killer stories.  Judging by this trailer alone, the story line does seem a bit discombobulated with a random lottery win being thrown in with what seems like a decent serial killer comedy.

The cast is definitely strong enough to hold this type of movie together.  Colin Hanks has always been enjoyable in his previous role, and there is no argument to be made for Jeffrey Tambor, who’s performance on Arrested Development will always be remembered.

Overall, we can only hope that the execution of this film is as original and promising as it’s concept, and not simply be the product of someone who thought they had a great idea after watching Dexter one too many times.

Documentary Corner:


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Full disclosure: as much as I am into all types of documentaries, I have never been Errol Morris.  While many consider his films, such as The Thin Blue Line and The Fog of War, to be groundbreaking pieces of documentary filmmaking, I find them to be self-indulgant and boring.  Sure, he has great subjects and compelling subject matters, but in the end his films just don’t seem to grab me, or wanting to keep watching past the first 15 minutes.

And, unfortunately, this film doesn’t seem any different.  Another interesting concept that will ultimately fall victim to his tedious “Ken Burns” style.  This film is going to be be about celebrity and what it means to be famous in the public eye, which are interesting, compelling themes, but by this trailer alone, I fail to see the big picture of what makes this story relevant to a modern audience.

So if you are looking for an intriguing story with unique characters, or a fan of Morris’ previous work, I’m sure this film will hold your interest.  But if you are part of the majority of people that think documentaries are boring, then unfortunately this film isn’t going to have anything new to offer.