Save Your Files in Brightest Day or Darkest Night with MIMOBOT’s Green Lantern USB Drives

Ryan Reynolds may be running around in a computer-generated suit all weekend on the big screen, but you don’t need to rush out to the theaters to join in on the Green Lantern Corps fun, because MIMOBOT has got you covered with their brand new line of Green Lantern-themed USB drives.

With characters like Hal Jordan, Tomar-Re, Sinestro (seen here) and Kilowog, you can purchase all of your favorite Corps members and have them storm your data storage dilemmas with their capacity of up to 16GB.

The drives also come with some pretty sick features already pre-loaded, such as tons of wallpapers, icons, avatars, and even a killer animated desktop screensaver for you diehard fans out there.

These drives can carry some of your most important and bulky files, and they even come at a pretty decent price. Ranging from 2GB all the way up to 16GB, you can get these from anywhere to $22.95 to a solid $59.95 for the top-line capacity drive.

You can pick these drives up right away over at the MIMOBOT website, and check out some of the high-res images of each character after the jump. Green Lantern’s Light!

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