Watch The Action-Packed Prologue For SEGA's 'Captain America: Super Soldier' Game

Watch The Action-Packed Prologue For SEGA’s ‘Captain America: Super Soldier’ Game

Now that E3 is becoming more and more of a distant memory, we’ve got some goodies that folks who couldn’t attend may have just missed. One of which ties in with one of the most anticipated superhero movies of this year, Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger.

Though the title is different (the game gets Super Soldier as the subtitle), there are still some great similarities to the film, such as the look and even the voice of Chris Evans himself.

The first ever video game based solely on Cap, this one is expected to be a pretty fun and impressive gaming experience, giving the user full capacity to utilize that Super Soldier syrum running through Steve Roger’s veins.

We’ve got the prologue movie from the game itself, which has some of the better graphics we’ve seen in superhero games of the last few years. In it, we even get a look at the film’s (and definitely game’s) main antagonist, The Red Skull.

Take a look at the prologue trailer after the jump, and be sure to grab your shield and helmet when you pick up Captain America: Super Soldier for all next-gen systems on July 19th.