Behold the Ridiculousness of 'Saints Row: The Third' In Brand New Gameplay Footage

Behold the Ridiculousness of ‘Saints Row: The Third’ In Brand New Gameplay Footage

We’re all pretty big gamers at The Flickcast HQ. Some of us are fans of shooters, adventure games, and even open world crime games. One problem most of us have with the latter is that games like Grand Theft Auto or L.A. Noir are based a little too much in reality for them to be as truly enjoyable as possible.

That’s where the Saints Row franchise comes in. The game is based loosely on the concept of a gang-riddled metropolis, but with the open world setting and the twist that absolutely anything can happen. That rule is getting completely amped in the third installment of the franchise, titled simply Saints Row: The Third.

We thought things were insane in the first two games, but this one has things like a giant purple dildo as a weapon, the ability to fly in a fighter jet through town, call in air strikes against your enemies, or just run around naked while punching people with explosive boxing gloves called the Apocofists.

This game has it all, and allows you to just cause complete chaos in a very cathartic experience for any gamer (preferably over the age of 16).

There’s a brand new gameplay video of the new features, with commentary from the game’s writer Drew Holmes, that we have waiting for you after the jump. Check it out, and be sure to grab Saints Row: The Third on November 15th.