'Lord of the Rings' Extended Edition Trilogy Now Available for Download

‘Lord of the Rings’ Extended Edition Trilogy Now Available for Download

That’s right folks. If you don’t currently own a Blu-ray player but have an iTunes account, an XBox Live account or have a PS3 but don’t want to buy physical media, you can still own The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy in HD.

Starting today, all three films are available via iTunes, XBox Live and on the Playstation Network. These are not the original versions of the films, however, these are the extended editions which contain lots more footage for you to enjoy.

As a huge fan of these films I was pretty impressed with the extended editions. Of course, I don’t mind having the Blu-ray versions because I like the way that 1080p picture looks plus all the extras are pretty cool too. However, if you just want the movies, a download may be the perfect way to go.

As an added bonus, we’ve got a scene from the extended edition of the trilogy never seen in theaters. Check it out after the jump.