Final Space Shuttle Launch To Be Scored By 'Battlestar Galactica' Composer

Final Space Shuttle Launch To Be Scored By ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Composer

Bear McCreary, best known for his Emmy -nominated TV composing work, has been commissioned by NASA to write an original fanfare commemorating the final Space Shuttle launch. A recent press release unveiled the plans:

“After composing four seasons of music for a television show set in space, creating music inspired by a historic NASA mission was a natural fit. The composition will be played first on Friday morning at the NASA launch TweetUp. People viewing the launch from some of the other locations at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida will also be able to hear the composition.”

Bear is best known for his work on the hit Sci-Fi show Battlestar Galactica, but has written for multiple shows over the last few years. One of his recent highlights include the show Human Target, which earned him his most recent Emmy nomination.

McCreary is an interesting choice for NASA, being a TV composer he is not all that well known and their is a history of people of John Williams-caliber writing music specific for events. That said, being familiar with his work I can assure you all that McCreary is an inspired choice, and I for one can’t wait to hear it.