'Limitless' Director Maps Out Plans To Direct 'Uncharted'

‘Limitless’ Director Maps Out Plans To Direct ‘Uncharted’

There was a lot of excitement when David O. Russell took the reins of the upcoming Uncharted film. A real director taking on one of the most cinematic ready video game franchises seemed like a sure fire hit. Then word came out that frequent O. Russell collaborator Mark Whalberg would play Nathan Drake and  it was all down hill from there.

Eventually, O. Russell decided to leave the project and Uncharted seemed on shaky ground.

Well Variety is now reporting that Neil Burger, director of the film Limitless, has been brought on to direct the cinematic adventures of Nathan Drake. Burger is coming off a mild success in Limitless and hopes to parlay that into bigger things. It is unknown whether or not Whalberg is still interested in starring in the movie, but it is known that Burger will be working off of a re-write of the original script Russell had intended on using.

Based on the people Burger has worked with before, speculation dictates that Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro could be in consideration for Drake and Sully. These bits of fan casting are almost enough for me to move past the idea of Nathan Fillion for Drake, because lets face it, that’s not happening.