Exclusive: Jason Mewes Talks Comic-Con 2011, Live Podcasts, & 'The Book of Pure Evil'

Exclusive: Jason Mewes Talks Comic-Con 2011, Live Podcasts, & ‘The Book of Pure Evil’

Jason Mewes has to be one of the busiest nerds working today. Although he is and will always be best known as Jay of Kevin Smith’s Jay and Silent Bob infamous characters, Mewes actually keeps himself very busy with a surprising number of projects he is currently involved with.

From filming the second season of a Canadian TV show to recording two live podcasts a week, all the while preparing for a jam packed Comic Con weekend, it just shows how much dedication Mewes has to find time to schedule an exclusive interview with The Flickcast.

Just to give you an idea of his crazy schedule, when I called he was currently on set of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, a comedy/horror series in which he plays Jimmy the Janitor, and had just finished recording an episode of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, his weekly podcast he does with Kevin Smith, for which he had a mobile studio set up in a closet on set so that he never has to miss an episode.

Mewes says while he enjoys getting to record his show on location, it definitely is a different dynamic than his regular recording sessions in Hollywood.  His show, along with all the other SModcast shows, are unique in that they record in front of a live audience on Universal City Walk.  So obviously it’s a lot smaller production when he records on set, and while it allows him to have some interesting new segments where he has guests on from The Book of Pure Evil, he definitely misses the conversations he has with Kevin Smith and getting the full production value of having a full crew.

An iTunes Best Podcast of 2010, Mewes talks about a variety of nerdy topics on Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, from fanboy obsessions to talking about growing old, and stories about meeting Kevin Smith and having the podcast idea pitched to him.  Smith and Mewes will be taking their podcast on the road once again for a very special event at Comic Con this year.  They will record an episode on Friday July 22nd at the House of Blues in San Diego, where you can watch them live for the price of an admission ticket.

Mewes went on to explain how Comic Con has always had a special place in his heart.  He went to his first convention in ’95, and while he spent a few years in and out of rehab battling drug addiction, has made a point to go as often as he could ever since then.  To me, it must be interesting to see first-hand what Comic Con has grown into over the years.

15 years ago, it was definitely a lot smaller of a convention, one where you could actually move around the booths comfortably, and the only huge floor-to-ceiling displays were from the comic book giants like Marvel and DC.  It was obviously a lot more focused specially on the comic book world, whereas today it has become more of a mecca for all things nerd, from the newest movies and TV shows, to debuting the latest trailers and making huge announcements.

Despite all this, Mewes says that he is still to this day overwhelmed with a “feeling of giddiness” every year he goes.  “I feel like a kid,” Mewes says, “just like the first time I went in ’95… I’m still in awe.”  He says that while he loves participating in numerous events, panels, and signings every year, at the same time he loves to just sit back and enjoy the convention as a fan, checking everyone out in their costumes.

Since he is considered a regular at the Con, I knew he must have some interesting and unusual stories to share from over the years.  He said that there really wasn’t too many crazy stories from panels or signings, but one story that sticks out in his mind was one eager fan that recognized him in the Comic Con bathroom.  He really didn’t have a problem with the situation but he definitely found it strange getting his hand shaken in a urinal “with my penis in my hand” as he so eloquently put it.

He went on to make a point that he loves his Comic Con fans: “All the fans are loyal and awesome and have been coming around since ’95” were Mewes’ exact words.

Apart from the House of Blues podcast event, Mewes will also taking part in an Etnies sponsored event with Kevin Smith and William Shatner, where they will release a new shoe line and have a “major announcement involving some Jay and Silent Bob stuff.” (Sorry that’s all I could get out of him).

And now, the mandatory plugs:

The second season of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil will premiere in the fall on the Canadian Space Channel, and will include a lot more backstory to Jimmy’s character.

The Comic Con podcast shows will happen on Friday July 22nd at the San Diego House of Blues.  Individual tickets are available for each event at www.smodcast.com.  Hollywood Babble-On begins at 9pm and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old happens at 11pm.

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old can also be heard on the SModcast Network, broadcast every Wednesday.

So whether you’re a fan of Kevin Smith’s movies or not, if you’re going to Comic Con this year, these events are not to be missed.  Jason Mewes, despite having a tough-guy exterior, really is nothing more than a comic book nerd like the rest of us.