La-La Land Records Boldy Goes To A 'Next Generation' Release

La-La Land Records Boldy Goes To A ‘Next Generation’ Release

Star Trek, as a franchise, has had an incredible history with music. Going back as far back as the original series, music has been a key element in the versatile series. La-La Land Records has put together a limited edition set of the some of the best music written for the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation, bringing more of the seminal music to the general public.

Star Trek: The Next Generation featured music by the likes of Dennis McCarthy, Don Davis, John Debney and Jay Chattaway, and represented some of the best TV music to come off late ’80s, early 90’s TV. The limited edition set features over three hours of previously unreleased music, and will be limited to 3000 units. The album will be sold exclusively at this year’s Comic-Con and will later become available through inline outlets starting August 2nd.

This release is another in a long line of interesting and exciting releases from La-La Land records who have consistently put together quality score releases. Hopefully the release of classic Star Trek TV music will sell well enough to encourage future releases of some of the later series. Deep Space Nine especially has some phenomenal music that few people seem to remember these days.