First Trailer for 'The Thing' Prequel Arrives

First Trailer for ‘The Thing’ Prequel Arrives

Apparently, today is turning out to be new trailer day. What with the first one for John Carter already being released and now a brand new one for The Thing just coming out as well.

Of course, we’ve got it for you right here, curtesy of the folks over at MSN Movies. Here’s some info on the film for you.

It’s directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. and stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Joel Edgerton. It was originally set for release on April 29th but that was changed to October. Not a good sign that this film will be any good.

Still, the trailer looks pretty awesome so perhaps the movie will end up being better than expected? Could happen. Although, the fact that the director hasn’t done any other feature film, let alone one with this many effects, doesn’t bode well either. Oh Hollywood, will you never learn.

In case you’re not familiar, here’s a brief synopsis of The Thing:

Paleontologist Kate Lloyd (Winstead) has traveled to the desolate region for the expedition of her lifetime. Joining a Norwegian scientific team that has stumbled across an extraterrestrial ship buried in the ice, she discovers an organism that seems to have died in the crash eons ago. But it is about to wake up.

When a simple experiment frees the alien from its frozen prison, Kate must join the crew’s pilot, Carter (Edgerton), to keep it from killing them off one at a time. And in this vast, intense land, a parasite that can mimic anything it touches will pit human against human as it tries to survive and flourish.

Check out the trailer after the jump. The Thing arrives in theaters on October 14th, 2011.

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