Brand New Images for Sony's 'Amazing Spider-Man' Hit the Web

Brand New Images for Sony’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Hit the Web

Reboots are all the rage these days. Ever since Chris Nolan and David Goyer rebooted the Batman franchise 8 years after we got the first taste of rubber nipples, studios have been all about rebooting series that have either run their course or were never good to begin with.

That’s exactly what Sony Pictures has in mind when they couldn’t come to an agreement with Raimi, McGuire, and the rest of the cast/crew of the original Spider-Man trilogy. Now, Sony has charged 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb to turn The Social Network‘s star Andrew Garfield into our new favorite neighborhood Spider-Man.

A lead like that and a director who has no real experience working on a superhero project is enough to worry most fans. However, a brand new batch of photos from the set have arrived thanks to EW, and they are pretty pleasing to a fan’s eye.

Web shooters? Check. Blonde Gwen Stacy? Check. Denis Leary as a do-gooder cop? Double Check. These images are more than enough to get us excited for the upcoming film, we just can’t wait to see how they look in motion with a trailer due any day now.

Check out the full gallery of images after the jump and expect to see more from Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man next week at Comic-Con International. The film is currently set to hit theaters July 3rd, 2012.