Google+ App Arrives for iPhone

Google+ App Arrives for iPhone

It’s a great day for those of you currently using Googles new Google+ service and also Apple’s iPhone. Why? Because it’s the day Apple finally approved the Google+ app for the iPhone of course.

This has been a point of some contention among iPhone using Google+ testers and now it looks like Apple has heard their requests and let this one through. Of course, when the Google+ serrvice launched on June 28th there was an app for Android available immediately. Makes sense, right?

Now we’ve got the iOS version. Google+ for iOS is supported on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 as long as the device is running iOS version 3.1 or later.

Ready to get it? Head on over to the iTunes Store and go nuts!

UPDATE: As of a few minutes ago the app has been updated in the iTunes App Store. So, if you’re not using version (you can tell by touching the gear at the top left of your screen in the app) then you should uninstall the old version and then download and install the new one. You’re welcome.