SDCC11: Oni Press Signs with William Morris Agency

SDCC11: Oni Press Signs with William Morris Agency

Portland, OR based Oni Press is probably most well know for it Scott Pilgrim Versus the World comic series and feature film. They also have many more projects in what Hollywood likes to call “various stages of development” so that means they need a bit of help getting those set up.

Enter the William Morris Agency which has just signed Oni Press for (here’s another Hollywood term for you) “Representation in all areas.” What does that mean? Well, it means the agency will work with Oni and its sister company Closed on Mondays Entertainment to develop more Oni properties into film and television shows.

At the moment, those projects include feature film adaptations The Last Call with producer Barry Josephson, The Leading Man with producer Marc Platt, Frenemy of the State with Imagine Entertainment, The Return of King Doug starring Ben Stiller and produced by Red Hour Films and Ciudad with Joe and Anthony Russo writing and directing.

Closed on Mondays also has what’s called a “first-look deal” with CBS TV Studios to adapt Oni properties for the small screen. That means Oni takes its stuff to CBS first and if CBS decides to make it, great. If not, they can take it somewhere else. In exchange for that right, CBS pays Oni some sort of fee and more if the projhect actually goes into development, is made or ends up on the air.

As someone who’s spent some time with the guys and gals at Oni, I’m always happy when I hear they are doing well. They have some great comics and it would be nice to see more of them brought to the small or big screen.