First Trailer for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Arrives

First Trailer for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Arrives

Over the last couple days an unofficial bootleg of the new The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer has been making its way around the Interwebs. We waited to bring you the official, real one so that we could put it up and not have to take it right down again.

Anyway, it’s here and for the first time we get to see Andrew Garfield in sort of action as Peter Parker and his alter ego, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Reaction to the teaser has been mixed around The Flickcast offices (especially where Garfield is concerned) but still, the teaser is pretty good and does help convey some of what it must be like to have Spider-Man’s powers.

It also delves more into the character moments of the upcoming film, which is probably due to director Marc Webb’s background and his stated desire to make a “smaller” film. Sadly, it is still an origin story even though it seems to be told in a different, yet very familiar to almost anyone alive, way.

Obviously, we’ll have much more time to judge the film as its release gets closer. Meantime, check out the new teaser after the break.