SDCC11: Comic-Con Mega Photo Gallery - Day 1

SDCC11: Comic-Con Mega Photo Gallery – Day 1

One of the most fun things about comic to Comic-Con in San Diego is the amount of people who dress up in their favorite costumes and their favorite character from movies, TV, comics, games, manga or you name it. It’s a highlight of the week to see all the great, and not so great, costumes that people come up with to enhance their Con experience.

To help showcase a few of those people who spent their tame and money to dress up so you and the rest of the attendees could have their day brightened a little bit more, we’ve got the first of our galleries from the show.

In this one we’ve got a mix of general photos, costumes, booths and more. We hope it gives you a feel for what the Con is like.

Expect more coverage of all the festivities and, of course, a lot more pics and video as Comic-Con continues. As they say in Hollywood, we’ll be here all week.

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