SDCC11 Interview: Bruce Campbell Talks 'The Fall of Sam Axe', 'My Name is Bruce 2', & The Infamous 'Evil Dead' Reboot

SDCC11 Interview: Bruce Campbell Talks ‘The Fall of Sam Axe’, ‘My Name is Bruce 2’, & The Infamous ‘Evil Dead’ Reboot

There are only a few names that pop up every year like clockwork at San Diego Comic-Con. One of the names that has always been on the tips of fanboys’ tongues is Bruce Campbell.

The man’s been on top of his game as the featured sidekick in USA’s Burn Notice and now he’s getting his very own stand-alone film as the same character in The Fall of Sam Axe.

The film stars Campbell as Axe and follows the life of this now wise-cracking, often lazy sidekick. We got the chance to discuss Bruce stepping back into the limelight on TV as well as his problems with the script for My Name is Bruce 2 and exactly what his role is going to be in the upcoming Evil Dead reboot by Raimi and apparently Diablo Cody.

Not only will you be surprised by the role that Campbell has in the upcoming reboot, you’ll hear exactly why we’ll be waiting so long to get that sequel to My Name is Bruce.

Take a look at our exclusive interview after the jump, and catch The Fall of Sam Axe on Blu-Ray and standard DVD now.