Box Office: 'Captain America' Pulls the Rug Under Potter & Steals #1 Spot

Box Office: ‘Captain America’ Pulls the Rug Under Potter & Steals #1 Spot

It turns out, after tons of doubt that Captain America: The First Avenger would undertake the final Harry Potter film in the box office on the biggest nerd weekend of the year, San Diego Comic-Con, we were all wrong.

In reality, the film actually did just that, and took the #1 spot for the weekend, totaling an impressive $65.8 million here in the US. While this is excellent news for the new films from Marvel Studios and Paramount, the real story here is how much of a drop Harry Potter had.

From last weekend’s $169 million opening to a mere $48 million this weekend, the film dropped over 70% in just a week. Either everyone who was going to see this film saw it in the first weekend, or the word of mouth wasn’t as good as the folks at Warner Bros were hoping for.

Also opening this weekend, the R-rated version of No Strings Attached, starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis and titled Friends With Benefits managed to stay in the top 3 with an estimated $18 million. Just a simple million less than the one that starred Kutcher and Portman.

Next weekend, a little something for everyone. For the couples, Crazy Stupid Love hits theaters, for the families, The Smurfs opens wide, and for everyone else, you can catch Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens.

Let’s hope that Captain America can maintain some of this steam before those three big contenders enter the ring next weekend.