Check Out Images of the Facebook App for iPad

Check Out Images of the Facebook App for iPad

For those of you still using Facebook who have not switched over to Google+ just yet there might be some great news for you just around the corner — especially if you also happen to use an iPad. That’s right, images of the yet-to-be-released Facebook app for the iPad have been leaked by TechCrunch and if they are really the app, they look pretty great.

Reportedly, the official application has been hidden inside the iPhone app all along. Waiting, dormant, to be officially released. TechCrunch‘s MG Siegler, who has already tested the application, says that it offers an “HTML5-rich experience” and that Facebook for iPad is a vast improvement over the mobile Web interface currently available.

That’s pretty good news, especialy considering using Facebook on the iPad now is rather lame. Using the iPhone app upsized for the iPad has been my go to for the most part as I really don’t like the experience using it via Safari. A dedicated app for Facebook on the iPad is the best way to go.

Facebook for iPad is expected to launch soon but an exact release date is still unknown. Click through for a few more images. Head over to TechCrunch for a lot more.

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