Survey Says: Apple Top Smartphone Vendor in US, Android Top OS

Survey Says: Apple Top Smartphone Vendor in US, Android Top OS

What’s in a number? Well, if you’re Apple or Google, quite a bit apparently, According to the Nielsen research company, Android continued to move forward as a popular OS for smartphones showing significant gains and retaining its position os the top smartphone OS in the United States.

According to the survey, Android currently has 39% of the market. Apple’s iOS is number two with 28% and RIM is third at 20%. Windows Mobile and Windows Phone combined for 9%, while webOS and Palm OS combined for 2%. Nokia’s Symbian OS also held a 2% share in the June quarter.

Turning to hardware, Apple’s in the lead this time with 28% of the total U.S. market. HTC was second with 14% of Android smartphones and 6% of the Windows Phone/Windows Mobile smartphones, making it the top vendor in both categories and number two overall.

Samsung followed with 8% of the Android market and 2% of the Windows Phone/Windows Mobile market in the U.S. last quarter, while Motorola topped Samsung’s Android share with 11% to slide into the No. 2 spot among Android device manufacturers.

That’s a lot of numbers and we realize you probably don’t like numbers. So, here it is in a nutshell: Android is number one in OS and Apple is number one in hardware. Any questions?