SDCC11 Exclusive Interview: Bill Pullman Talks 'Torchwood', His 'Independence Day' Speech

SDCC11 Exclusive Interview: Bill Pullman Talks ‘Torchwood’, His ‘Independence Day’ Speech

Bill Pullman is one of those famed actors who’s resume has some of the weirdest stuff you’ll ever see on it. From playing the lead in a Mel Brooks spoof about Star Wars, to the troop-rallying president in Michael Bay’s Independence Day, and even to the child-killing death row inmate in Torchwood: Miracle Day, it seems like no role can disinterest the man.

Pullman joined the cast of Torchwood this season as they finally make their way to American soil and debut on Starz with Miracle Day. This time, he’s neither a wise-cracking hero nor the flag-waving veteran. This time he’s a stone cold killer.

In this season, the world is plagued by something that wouldn’t normally be considered a plague: not a single person on the planet can die. That includes Pullman’s character Oswald Danes, who was sentenced to lethal injection on that day. Things didn’t exactly go according to plan, and Pullman’s Danes is out on the streets.

We got a chance to speak with Bill about what drew him to this new-ish series and what he loves about the writing. We also got to ask him about how much of his famous Independence Day speech he remembers. The speech has lately had a new found love on the web, as even New York City comic Sean Kleier performs it in the most awkward of locations.

Take a look at our interview after the jump. Catch up on this season of Torchwood, only on Starz.