It's 'Final Destination' Meets 'Saved By the Bell' In Miles Fisher's New Video

It’s ‘Final Destination’ Meets ‘Saved By the Bell’ In Miles Fisher’s New Video

Fortunately, people have many places where they can express themselves online these days. One of the most popular is, of course, YouTube. That’s one of the main places budding filmmakers, and pretty much anyone else, can make a video, post it online and potentially get a lot of attention.

One person who’s been gaining attention for his videos is Miles Fisher. As a struggling actor he made several humorous videos and got quite a bit of attention. Now that his acting career has started to take off with roles in Final Destination 5 and J. Edgar, he hadn’t stopped making videos.

In fact, the actor reportedly went to Warner Bros with an idea for a short that could help spread awareness of its upcoming Final Destination film and the studio liked it so much they gave him the money to make it. The result is a short called New Romance which seems to be part horror homage and part Saved by the Bell. Either way, the body count it pretty high — which we can appreciate.

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