Syfy's 'Eureka' Officially Canceled, Getting Final Episode to Wrap Up Series

Syfy’s ‘Eureka’ Officially Canceled, Getting Final Episode to Wrap Up Series

It was less than a week ago that Syfy announced its long running series Eureka would get a six episode season six order and that those six episodes would be the last for the series. Then, Syfy apparently had a change of heart and announced Eureka would not get six episodes for a final season and instead would end after this season.

Now, things have apparently changed yet again. Syfy has announced, and Deadline has confirmed, that Eureka will get one more episode after current episodes air to properly wrap up the series.

According to reports, Syfy executives called the cast to apologize for the conflicting decisions over the past week, which included a six-episode final-season order, followed by no-final-season announcement and then the additional episode pickup. Well, at least they apologized, which is nice.

Reports are that the six-episode order was overruled by the new post-merger management as the series was getting expensive after 5 seasons and has enough finished¬†episodes. Most affected are some crew members who turned down job offers last week when Eureka was picked up for 6 more episodes only to find out later that wasn’t happening. I bet they didn’t get a call from Syfy executives.

At least the network still has other cool shows like Warehouse 13 and Alphas which, after a bit of a slow start, is getting better and better.