New Trailer for 'Steel Battalion Heavy Armor' FPS for Kinect Arrives

New Trailer for ‘Steel Battalion Heavy Armor’ FPS for Kinect Arrives

More news out of Gamescom this week and, to be honest, this looks pretty darn cool. Capcom has unleashed a new trailer for Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, the first first-person shooter game for its Xbox 360 that will take full advantage of Kinect and a standard gaming controller.

Steel Battalion Heavy Armor was first announced during the Tokyo Game Show last year, but we haven’t heard much about it since then. Not even at E3. But now, we’ve got a great trailer for the ame to share with you today.

In the game you play a soldier in the year 2082 fighting with MechWarrior-style machines and weapons. Using the connect, players will reportedly be able to control scopes, weapons, other soldiers on the battlefield and “start up procedures.”

Check out the trailer after the jump. Look for the game to hit store shelves hopefully next year.