OK Go Perform 'The Muppet Show Theme' With The Muppets!

OK Go Perform ‘The Muppet Show Theme’ With The Muppets!

In the coming months, you can expect to see tons of cross promotion between our favorite Muppets and new, hip, pop culture icons of today as we prepare for the release of Jason Segel’s upcoming Muppets movie due out this November.

With that, their brand new soundtrack, The Green Album, fans of the original Muppets get some of their favorite songs covered by modern rock and alternative bands like “Mahna Mahna” performed by The Fray, “Our World” performed by My Morning Jacket, and the original “Muppet Show Theme” sung by OK Go.

We’ve seen OK Go do some wacky videos in the past, but we’re not getting them in full-on Muppet action as they perform the cover of “The Muppet Show Theme” with the full cast of the Muppets.

Check out the video, including the very meta “nightmare ending” at the end, pick up The Green Album in stores and on iTunes now, and see The Muppets in theaters on November 23rd.